All documents from collectors have a type. This type is automatically detect from collector website.

Types of document

Each document have type, all types are described here:

Type Description
cadastral document Cadastral documents
cap document Common Agricultural Policy document
certificate Certificate documents
contract Contract documents
credit note Credit notes documents
invoice Invoices documents
invoicing count Invoicing count documents
mail Mail documents
mandate Mandates documents
payment schedule Schedule document (like payment schedule or amortization schedule)
payment slip Payment slip
payslip Payslip documents
statement Bank statement documents
tax assessment Tax assessment documents
tax return Tax returns documents
document Documents not typed

Meta of document

Possible list of metadata associated with a document. The availability of the meta depends on the provider.

Name Description Type
amount.charge Total charges Integer (centime) Total delivery amount Integer (centime)
amount.deposit Deposit amount Integer (centime) Total discount before amount Integer (centime)
amount.due Due amount Integer (centime)
amount.gross_without_vat Total gross amount without VAT Integer (centime) If deposit amount = total amount - deposit amount Integer (centime)
amount.taxes Total taxes Integer (centime) Total amount including all taxes Integer (centime)
amount.vat Total VAT Integer (centime)
amount.without_vat Total net amount without VAT Integer (centime)
customer.file_id Customer number String
customer.identification_number Customer SIREN String (9 characters) Customer name String
customer.vat_number Intra-Community VAT Customer String Date of document String (Y-m-d format)
date.due Due date String (Y-m-d format)
reference Invoice number String
supplier.address Supplier address String Supplier name String
supplier.establishment_number Supplier SIRET String (14 characters)
supplier.identification_number Supplier SIREN String (9 characters)


  "amount": {
    "total": 12000,
    "vat": 2000,
    "without_vat": 10000
  "customer": {
    "file_id": "FILE123"
  "date": {
    "date": "2021-07-02"
  "reference": "REF123456"