Funnel overview

Iswigo provides a funnel for applications who don't want integrate the complexity of provider connection creation/edition/synchronization.

Also this funnel is PSD2 compliant for applications who aren't.



User creation

The user must be registered on your application before do any action on our API. Because when you create a user on Iswigo, we return you an identifier, that you need to associate to your user.

User authentication

To any calls on our API that reflects a protected resource of user, User must be sign in to our API to obtain an access token. That you will put in Authorization header of your requests.

The access token is valid one hour, and can't be refreshed.

Funnel session

If your company and application are not PSD2 compliant, you must redirect the user into the funnel to do actions:

  • Provider connection creation
  • Provider connection edition
  • Provider connections synchronizations

Only PSD2 compliant client applications have access to the connection edition API requests.

To start a session, you need to call appropriate request with logged user, to obtain a funnel session URL. You can use our JavaScript widget to facilities the funnel integration.